T's & C's

Terms and conditions 

The prize is non transferable and may not be exchanged for cash

The prize includes accommodation at ...for the winner and two other individuals the winner selects,as well as representative animals from the following species- 1) one buffalo bull 2) one kudu bull 3) one nyala bull 4) three Impala rams

The plains games may be substituted for equivalent alternate animals with the consensus of the winner and the farmer 

Accomodation and meals is provided for four nights and the hunt will be conducted over the four day period 

The service of a professional hunter is included 

No alcoholic beverages are included 

Capping of animals is included but taxidermy is not

A professional photographer will accompany the winner to record aspects of the hunt

The winner and his selected companions will be dressed in clothing provided by Sniper Africa and must conduct the hunt in the clothing provided 

A minimum caliber of .375 H&H is required for the buffalo hunt

If the winner does not have access to such a gun - one will be provided for the duration of the hunt

If fair opportunity is given on the prize animals and the winner or his selected companions are unable to harvest their quarry, arrangements may be made to return at a date convenient to the farm owner to complete the hunt at the expense of the winner 

Winners, and the people they select to accompany them to shoot the package, must demonstrate adequate hunting knowledge, have adequate shooting skills and be of sound health and fitness to satisfactorily undertake the hunt

The hunt will take place over four days - from the 13/09-17/09 on the farm... in the ... area 

The winner must be available and arrange for his or her own transport to and from the farm

The winner and his selected companions will have the hunt photographed and videoed and agree to allow the use of any or all parts of the photo and video material to be utilized by Rio Ridge for promotional purposes 

The nature of hunting in general- and buffalo hunting in particular - carries potential risk -the owners of Rio ridge, as well as the owner of...(farm name) will have no liability for any possible harm that may arise from undertaking the hunt 

Hunt must be conducted ethically and vulgar or drunken and disorderly behavior will lead to a cancellation and forfeiting of the hunt